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My Story

Hi, I’m Wei Mao, the owner/editor here at PhotoMentorNYC. My photographic journey began in 2015. That year, 2015, a cruise ship named Costa Atlantica made a round-the-world cruise. And luckily enough, I was one of the cruise members! That made me think: why don’t I get a professional camera?
So my first camera was Nikon D5300. After traveling to many countries with it and taking thousands of pictures, I developed a great fondness for photography. My idea of a professional photographer was formed. I nailed a photography interview by a company called “The Image Group” and started to work on Disney Cruise Line.
There, I had a chance to use different cameras, lenses, and lighting equipment. I did event photography and portrait photography during working time and took photos of landscapes, buildings, animals, plants, etc., in my spare time.
I recently had more free time and decided to resume photography as a hobby. My enthusiasm was sparked once I touched my new camera. I realized I needed photography to make my life rich and colorful so that I could escape the hustle and bustle of the city and come back full of energy.

About PhotoMentorNYC

We strive to be the most trusted photography gear recommendation service around. We are writing about photography tips and gear reviews to help you choose the perfect camera equipment and improve your photography skills.
I hope some people who visit my site will develop a hobby of taking photos to enrich their lives. Photography allows me to have a real connection to the world and purify my soul. I hope it will help you too!